Shop Talk

Shop Talk is a multi-episode, My Brother’s Keeper/Boys and Men Of Color (BMOC) focused, trans-media storytelling series that features historic DC barbershops as the places where raw and unfiltered dialogue occurs in the Black community. First person video narratives, coupled with quantitative data by The White House BMOC issue expert, Dr. Ivory Toldson, reveal an accurate, multi-dimensional story on the plight of young men growing up in Washington, DC. Each episode is featured as an online magazine chapter that covers a different aspect of the DC BMOC experience, in order to drive a balance between issue-based quantitative knowledge and empathy from stakeholders. Facilitator guides and questionnaires were created to spark local and organizational conversations. Multiple screenings and panel discussions bring stakeholders together to discuss ways to improve circumstances for Black boys and young men of color in our Nation’s Capital.



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